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Meet Our Minister

Reverend Blessing Shambare has a very humble background, having been born and raised in a small province in Eastern Zimbabwe called Manicaland. He got most of his nurturing from his firm maternal grandparents who taught him the Christian way of life.  His grandparents raised him to believe in hard work, determination, open mindedness and being faithful to God in everything. He was nurtured in prayer and Bible reading. 

Reverend Blessing is a holder of a Diploma in Pastoral Studies from Bishop Gaul Theological College, the National Anglican Seminary in Harare, a Diploma in Religious Studies, the Bachelor of Honours Degree in Religious Studies from the University of Zimbabwe. He went to The Queen’s Ecumenical Foundation College in the UK, where he earned a Master of Applied Theology and Mission from the University of Birmingham. He proceeded to earn the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with the University of Pretoria (South Africa) in 2018.  

Reverend Blessing was ordained to the diaconate in the Anglican Diocese of Harare in 2005 and priested in 2006. He is passionate about Mission theology, Contextual theology, Ecumenism, Inter-faith and inter-religious ministry. He is dedicated to social justice, social enhancement and community peaceful co-existence.  

Reverend Blessing envisions an open Church, a Church without walls where there is always room for one more. He sees a Church which is: Holy Spirit led, innovative in mission and daring to cast the nets to the other side as directed by Lord Jesus.  A Church that loves God’s people and seeks to journey together on the principle of God’s mission and love. A Church that is on the move and alive; alive to the seasons of the day, alive to the tradition of history and alive to God’s glory. 

Reverend Blessing moved to Canada in December 2016 upon the call to serve and minister at St Peter’s Ecumenical Church. He was inducted and licensed in January 2017. Since then, he has become an active Slave Lake pastor and resident. He participates in community events and activities. He initiates community conversations through different forums. His presence in the community is visible and noticeable.

Reverend Blessing is married to Florence. They have three children, Mukundi Hugh, Mitsidzo Karen and Makomborero Ethan.



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