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An Anglican, United, and Lutheran walk into the Sanctuary…In most churches this is the start of a dad joke in the meet-and-greet after service.  At St. Peter’s Ecumenical: it’s Sunday.  In our church “others” and the three aforementioned denominations worship together.  It is possible for a United minister to offer communion to each of us following the Lutheran doxology.  We sing “old favorites” from other people’s hymnals.  We refer others by their “flavour” and like with most flavours, variety adds to the enjoyment.  We accept each other’s differences, and build on the tenets we hold in common. Come visit us and check out our faith buffet, there’s always room for one more at our table.


St. Peter's is an open church; a church without walls or barriers, inclusive and caring; always having room for one more and seeking to do exciting things in Christ, guided by the holy spirit

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